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Uganda in particular and Africa as a whole, are adopting and utilizing various innovative technologies to meet their work and life needs. One reason behind this fast technology adoption is that most of its users are the youth who comprise the majority of population in Africa and yet they face high rates of un-employments.

For instance in Uganda, the youth comprise 78% of population and yet they face un-employment rate of 83%. As a result, the Ugandan youth can neither have sufficient incomes or create considerable wealth to support their livelihoods and those of their family members. Furthure more, these youth are constrained by very limited opportunities for them to access capital to enable them start enterprises to create jobs for themselves, other youth and other community members.

To respond to the above stated challenges, Sky Wealth Network has been established by a group of innovative and professional technologists to enable the youth and other members of society to pull resources by signing-up on a multi level marketing tool with an initial, affordable contribution of UGX: 30,000/= ($10). In turn, they are able to earn commissions by recruiting other members.

In addition, the participating members benefit from several services such as

1. Training in Skills of wealth creation and management
2. Purchasing of Air time at discount rates
3. Accessing Sky Wealth Digital Library which has wealth creation literature and other topics of interest in the areas of development and enterprenuresh
4. Further still, signed-up members can make purchases of other products of interest at convenient, discounted rates

Sky wealth Network is a legally registered company and its management team tasks itself with the responsibilities and obligations to respond to any inquires regarding its performance and service provision to its members and key stake-holders. For any inquiries please feel free to contact us.